Aldona Powers
About Acme Web Design

Let's talk about the name for a minute. Why Acme? I thought it was funny. A low-tech name for a high-tech company? I can just see the roadrunner and coyote using AcmeWeb. That, and it starts with an "A," which is a great way to get listed first alphabetically.

I created AcmeWeb in 2001 as a branch of my graphic arts company, Northshore Productions, which was established in 1986.  With my illustration background and involvement working with ad agencies in Chicago, I am able to bring a level of skill that can only come from years of experience and natural talent.

People say I am pleasant to work with and have a fun personality.  You may have to ask me to slow down once in a while, since I tend to move at a quick pace, especially when I'm excited. But, that's not a bad thing when I'm hard at work on your project.

- Algie          

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